Venue History

American Airlines Theatre

When you come to a show at the American Airlines Theatre, be prepared for a theatrical experience like no other in New York City.
Before the show, make yourself at home in the penthouse lobby, a beautiful and spacious environment for you to enjoy a drink or a snack, and take in the view from the penthouse deck. Our Chairman's Circle members patrons can enjoy the comfort of the private Langworthy Lounge with complimentary food and beverages, as well as other amenities.
One of the last great theatres to be built on 42nd Street, the former Selwyn Theatre opened in 1918 and was initially home to works by George Kaufman, Noel Coward and Cole Porter. Over the decades, hard times and the deterioration of the Times Square area took their toll on the theatre, leaving it derelict and in disrepair. With guidance from the 42nd Street Development Corp and its Historical Preservation Committee, and dedicated craftsmen, artists and construction professionals, the space was transformed, excavated, reshaped and restored to become a beautiful new home for the Roundabout Theatre Company and its audiences. The restored murals and theatre boxes, excellent acoustics and sightlines and complete restoration of original ornamental plasterwork, make Roundabout's American Airlines Theatre a true gem in the heart of Times Square.