The 24 Hour Plays Off-Broadway


  • The Night Before – April 8, 2018: Actors, writers, directors, production staff and musical guests gather at the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre. Polaroid headshots are taken, and participants introduce themselves and share a prop and costume item they’ve been asked to bring. Actors also share their hidden talents and reveal anything they’d like to do on a stage that they’ve never done before. Meanwhile, the writers take feverish notes.
  • Overnight: Following the orientation, writers and directors choose the cast for their play. Polaroids of their cast members in hand, they hunker down to write brand new plays.  Writers are encouraged to use as many of the props, costumes, and orientation revelations as they’d like in their show. Final scripts are due at 6 am!
  • Morning April 9, 2018: With final drafts turned in, writers are released to get some sleep, while actors and directors return to the Steinberg Center for breakfast and the announcement of each cast. Rehearsal kicks off immediately throughout the entire building.
  • Afternoon: Rehearsals continue throughout the day and each cast is afforded a short technical rehearsal to go over blocking onstage, along with sound and light cues.
  • 8pm: The curtain rises! Each cast performs their 10-minute play with a musical guest providing a song in between. Cast, creative team, and underwriters celebrate at the exclusive cast party immediately following the performance. 
The 24 Hour Plays bring together extraordinary artists to create time-limited theater around the world. The 24 Hour Plays have been seen on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in London, Dublin, Athens, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Florence and Mexico City.