2011-12 Season

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April 8, 2012


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Look Back in Anger

Sam Gold (Circle Mirror Transformation, Tigers Be Still) directs one of theater’s most pivotal works, John Osborne's classic drama about four friends and lovers struggling to find direction without losing one another—or themselves. Adam Driver (Man and Boy), Charlotte Parry (Roundabout's The Importance of Being Earnest), Sarah Goldberg  (Royal Court’s Clybourne Park) and Matthew Rhys (“Brothers & Sisters”) star in this scorching new production.
For Jimmy Porter, there is nothing more criminal than the lack of emotion and enthusiasm he sees evident in his generation, especially in his well-born wife, Alison, and their roommate Cliff, who have grown addicted to Jimmy’s passion and rage. But when Alison’s childhood friend Helena visits, she exposes the unsustainable madness of their relationships and living situation, forcing Alison to decide whether to leave the most exciting and dangerous man she’s ever known. 
Still as shocking and relevant as when it first premiered in post-war London, Look Back in Anger is a sharply funny, fiercely honest exploration of political disillusionment and basic human yearning.
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Evening performances 7:30pm
Matinees 2pm

Adam Driver (Man and Boy), Charlotte Parry (...Earnest), Sarah Goldberg (Royal Court's Clybourne Park) and Matthew Rhys ("Brothers & Sisters") star in this scorching new production directed by Sam Gold (Tigers Be Still).

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The Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre

The Laura Pels Theatre, 111 West 46th Street, New York, NY, 10036  |  Ticket Services: 212.719.1300  |  View Seating Chart

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Who's Who

Adam Driver
Sarah Goldberg
Charlotte Parry
Matthew Rhys
John Osborne
Sam Gold

The LOOK BACK IN ANGER creative team also includes Andrew Lieberman (Sets), David Zinn (Costumes), Mark Barton (Lights), Bray Poor (Sound).


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