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What Others Are Saying

“As a pioneering not-for-profit company that moved to Broadway, Roundabout brought the cutting-edge creativity of New York’s not-for-profit theatre community to a much, much larger audience." —Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
“All of us wonder… Who’s going to take my play? Who would ever take a chance on me? The fact that Roundabout has a New Play Initiative that exists to take chances on writers is just the most amazing thing… it’s truly a gift to playwrights and the community.” —Kim Rosenstock, playwright
“Roundabout has served as a trailblazer in arts education in New York, and has remained a dedicated leader and advocate for the critical task of educating our students and enhancing the abilities of our teachers with programs across our city.” —Christine C. Quinn, Speaker, The Council of the City of New York
"As a Hiptix Gold member I get great seats to great Broadway shows with other theatregoers my age and tickets are only $20. Who can beat that?" —Bradley Sanchez
“One student was not doing well with her attendance… she failed my class the first marking period. Once we began Roundabout’s In-School Residency, she was so inspired that she came to class regularly, stayed after school to work and was the lead writer for her group." —Elisa DeGregorio, teacher, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School
"I say to the next senior class… take advantage of all of the programs Roundabout offers you… enjoy every aspect. Don’t turn down the opportunity to become what you thought you never could be.” —Lesley Perez, Bronx Theatre High School Class of 2012