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Theatre is an amazingly effective teaching tool. Our customized workshops will stimulate your creative impulses while practicing theatre activities in the context of learning standards. Here are some recent examples.

Using theatrical script analysis techniques, help your students approach new subject-specific texts, develop close reading skills, identify author's purpose, make inferences, and provide evidence. Your students will then use their knowledge of the text to improve their writing skills, focusing on the transition from skillful reading to skillful writing, as is emphasized in the Common Core Standards.

"I never really considered the author's purpose when constructing a lesson. It's helpful to me, and it will be even more for my kids." —a teacher from Bronx Theatre High School


This workshop actively develops strategies to effectively implement Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT) in the classroom. After experiencing a model CTT lesson, you’ll identify the strategies used and then implement them in small groups. This fun and creative workshop is a great way to get teachers working together.

"I loved the team teaching strategies in practice. Generally, we're just talked to. Today, we saw and practiced effective use of the CTT model." —a teacher from Gramercy Arts High School

"This was the best PD I have been to in a LONG time. Very interesting to see team teaching work well." —a teacher from Gramercy Arts High School

How can the theatrical rehearsal process build awareness of the review process in the classroom? Following strategies stage directors use during rehearsal, you’ll develop methods to help students review their material. Teachers will explore improvisation (rephrasing your own words), taking blocking notation (note-taking) and actors teaching understudies (peer-to-peer learning) as ways to help students more deeply process information.

"It is a great way to think about information in a new way and retain it better. It was also good to hear my colleagues' strategies for review. I'll be incorporating those into my classroom too." —a teacher from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School
In this fast-paced fun workshop, participants fulfill the roles of designers, stage managers, actors and marketing staff to fully produce a scene in the span of 2­–3 hours. Through text analysis, design concept meetings and theatrical rehearsals, the workshop culminates with teams presenting an excerpt from a well-known play or an original scene. Strategies are modeled that help to increase autonomy, ask guiding questions, and strengthen team-building.

”The Postcard Production workshop that Roundabout presented was a strong representation of the active learning style that we are all striving for. We look forward to taking this work further in the next year." –a teacher from Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts
If you plan on bringing students to a Roundabout production, our teaching artists will explore activities that will connect the show to your curriculum.
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TTI is an intensive introduction to the Theatrical Teaching Framework, which utilizes basic theatrical elements (theme, plot, spectacle and character) and establishes parallels to educational components such as academic content, lesson plan, structure, classroom setting and teaching demeanor. Stimulate your own intellect and creativity while practicing theatre activities in the context of academic learning standards.

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