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School Partnerships

Though each partnership is customized to the needs and interests of the school, here are some common curriculum models, all of which use theatre as a means of learning.

Perspectives residencies explore a central literary, historical or sociological theme through the study of a theatrical discipline. Students then explore that theme through the lens of another theatrical discipline to deepen their understanding of that theme through different perspectives.
See a report from a school that used this model.

Curriculum Connections is constructed around the content, skills and learning that students need in core subject areas.
See a report from a school that used this model. 

Script Analysis is aimed at improving literacy and comprehension. Using script analysis techniques, students examine a theatrical text to explore the given circumstances and make inferences based on evidence found in the text.
See a report from a school that used this model.
Theatrical Mentioring or Producing Partners provide the resources of a professional company to engage students in the practice of theatrical skills. Working on your own production with teaching artists in all areas of theatre (design, directing, stage management, et al.), you and your students will replicate the functions of a professional theatre.
See a report from a school that used this model.
Classroom Partnerships are also available for schools that do not wish to enter into a school-wide partnership. Pairing a teaching artist in residency with a teacher to address a central literary, historical or sociological theme, these generally use the Page to Stage or Perspectives curriculum model.

Full-year School Partners are invited to participate in Roundabout’s Student Theatre Arts Festival: An annual showcase of student work in all theatrical disciplines from Education at Roundabout residencies with School Partners and After School Programs.
Learn more about Student Theatre Arts Festival.

Education also offers an on-site afterschool program for NYC public school students seeking additional theatrical experiences. Learn more about the Roundabout Youth Ensemble.

For more information about school programs, email our staff.

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School Partnerships are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council.