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Curriculum Connections

Case Study

School Description: A mid-size high school in Brooklyn.

Class Size: 33

Subject: Applied Mathematics

Arts Discipline: Scenic Design

Number of Weeks: 8

Total Number of Visits: 8

Roundabout Production Attended: Amy and The Orphans

Residency Thematic Question: How does a scenic designer use geometry concepts to create a scale model of a set piece? 

Overview: This residency connected applied mathematics to scenic design by enlisting students to create a 3-D scale model of a set using dilation and scale factor. Students saw Roundabout’s production of Amy and the Orphans and, using the thematic content of the play, made informed decisions to create multiple models. 

One student reflected on the project, "Before we did this, I didn't realize there was so much math involved in theatre, and it helped me realize there is math in everything."

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