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Page to Stage


School Description: A large, comprehensive high school in Brooklyn with a diverse population of students many of whom are immigrants or have parents who are immigrants. 
Class Size: 35
Subject: English
Grade: 10
Arts Discipline: Acting
Number of Weeks: 5
Total Number of Visits: 10
Roundabout Production Attended: The People in the Picture
Residency Thematic Question: How do an actor and playwright tell a character’s story?
Overview: Through a Page to Stage residency this class explored Roundabout’s production of The People in the Picture in connection with their study of Art Spiegelman’s Maus and Eli Wiesel’s Night. Students learned to tell their personal story through theatre. They interviewed their family members, transformed these interviews into pictures, and then wrote monologues based on these interviews. Students then performed their monologues translating their interviews to the stage. The teacher was really impressed with the writing that the students did. “We had some amazing monologues. Since all the kids were interviewing their family members, we heard accounts of the Mexican Revolution and other wars. All the stories were amazing.”
To schedule a Page to Stage residency or to find out more, contact Education at 212.642.9629 or by email.