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School Description: A large middle school in Flushing, Queens with a strong arts focus. The school has a high ESL population. At this school, every 8th grade student participates in a Perspectives residency.
Class Size: 28
Subject: English Language Arts (ESL)
Grade: 8
Arts Discipline: Acting
Number of Weeks: 10
Total Number of Visits: 10
Roundabout Production Attended: Sondheim on Sondheim
Residency Thematic Question: How does an actor use musical theatre to reflect life experiences?
Overview: During this residency, students looked at how to transform their experiences into something theatrical through the perspectives of acting and movement. The teaching artist used vocabulary that highlighted emotions to help the students build a character, explore that character’s background, and perform that character in conflict. Students came to understand how they can use personal experience to create art, and how art can help them to work-through life's problems. Students created scenes that they felt might precede songs from Sondheim on Sondheim. They used tableaus to create those scenes. The teacher said of the residency, “Working with our ESL population was challenging but this was met with determination and energy. The students were able to produce great tableaus.”
To schedule a Perspectives residency or to find out more, contact Education at 212.642.9629 or by email.