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Producing Partners

Case Study

School Description: A large high school on Staten Island with a very active arts department.

Class Size: 20

Subject: Afterschool Musical Theatre Production

Grade: 9–12

Arts Discipline: Set Design

Number of Weeks: 12

Total Number of Visits: 12

Roundabout Production Attended:  The People in the Picture

Residency Thematic Question: How do visual elements help tell the story?

Overview: As the school prepared for their production of  Cabaret, a group of 20 dedicated crew members worked with one of Roundabout’s set design teaching artists. The residency began with a safety workshop and then students began to design and build the set. Students saw Roundabout’s production of  The People in the Picture to explore how an event like the Holocaust might change the visual look of a set. Roundabout’s archives were used by the students to research Roundabout’s production of Cabaret. They looked through the director’s research and found a picture which they then used for their set. Students also worked with Roundabout teaching artists in the areas of lighting design and stage management. 

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