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Script Analysis

Case Study

School Description: A small, theatre-focused high school in the Bronx.
Class Size: 30
Subject: English Language Arts
Grade: 9
Arts Discipline: Acting/Directing
Number of Weeks: 4
Total Number of Visits: 8
Roundabout Production Attended: The People in the Picture
Residency Thematic Question: How does script analysis support our artistic choices?
Overview: This residency helped students identify the given circumstances of the play A Raisin in the Sun. Students analyzed the script through theatrical activities to make inferences about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY of the play. Students were also guided to cite their evidence for the inferences they made. Students came to understand how to analyze the script to find evidence and inference that supported their choices in acting, directing, and writing creatively about A Raisin in the Sun. Students then applied the information they learned about generational differences in A Raisin in the Sun to their visit to see Roundabout’s production of The People in the Picture. The teacher said of the Script Analysis residency, “When the students got up and acted out their scenes, it was obvious that they learned much more about the play than I thought.” Reflecting in the residency, the students articulated exactly what steps they would take to begin analyzing the next book they would read in class.
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