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“I teach in the arts because it is so transformative and gives our young people so much beyond what gets measured on a test.”

– Elisa De Gregorio, Arts Education Liaison, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School

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Meet Some of Roundabout’s Brightest Stars

Playwright, Roundabout Youth Ensemble
"As a playwright my favorite part of RYE is sitting down with my mentor to create a plot and develop a storyline. Sometimes in a class you don’t get to be creative; if everything is always based on fact, you don’t get to explore different possibilities. But with playwriting, the story is yours and nobody can say that it’s wrong. It’s yours. It’s original. It’s something that came out of you."
Lighting Designer, Roundabout Youth Ensemble
"During my second year doing technical design at RYE, teaching artist Theresa offered to let me come shadow her on an actual working day as a stage manager. She showed me her process and what she really does on a day to day basis. It really helped me see more options within design that I hadn’t thought of before."
Fellow, Theatrical Workforce Development Program
"I have always wanted to work in theatre, I just never really knew how. Then I was on the backstage crew in high school and realized that THAT is what I really want to do, to be working backstage. Now, after exploring other fields, I’m specializing in wardrobe. Having a mentor in the wardrobe field has been really helpful. We talk a lot about getting into Local 1 and the technical things in scenic, electrics, or sound, as well."
Principal, High School of Art and Design
"Roundabout’s program complemented our curriculum in ways no other institution could. Students became more engaged and teachers picked up instructional tools and become better at their craft. As a school we had many partnerships…but none like Roundabout. Roundabout is simply the gold standard in theatre education. The results have been nothing short of astonishing. The program has given students and staff the experiences that the school cannot provide. In essence, Roundabout helps students create themselves and in doing so become life-long learners."

Interested in more stories from Education at Roundabout? Check out the PDF version of WE ARE EDUCATION AT ROUNDABOUT.