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Spotlight On Creative Team

Sanaz Toossi
Knud Adams
Scenic Design
Marsha Ginsberg
Costume Designer
Enver Chakartash
Lighting Design
Reza Behjat
Sound Design
Sinan Refik Zafar

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What is the Show About?

Two words set in motion playwright Sanaz Toossi’s intricate and profound New York debut: “English Only.”

This is the mantra that rules one classroom in Iran, where four adult students are preparing for the TOEFL — the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Chasing fluency through a maze of word games, listening exercises, and show-and-tell sessions, they hope that one day, English will make them whole. But it might be splitting them each in half.

Where A classroom in Karaj, Iran
When 2008

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Who: Meet The Characters


44 years old. Accent has traces of both American and British English. Once lived in Manchester, England. Loves speaking English.


27 years old. Has a very thick Iranian accent. Wants to go to medical school in Australia. Doesn't care for English, prefers speaking in Farsi.
54 years old. Has a noticeable accent. Is studying English before she visits her son and granddaughter in Canada.
29 years old. Has no accent. Grew up with American cousins. Studying English for a U.S. Permanent Resident (also known as a "Green Card") interview. 
18 years old. Accent is light and sweet. Has wanted to speak English since she was a child. 

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Test of English as a Foreign Language. A standardized test used to measure the English skills of a non-native speaker. Often required for Green Cards, visas, and admission to colleges and universities in English-speaking countries.

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