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Spotlight On Creative Team

Dave Harris
Miranda Haymon
Set Design
Reid Thompson and Kamil James
Costume Design
Sarita Fellows
Lighting Design
Cha See
Sound Design
Lee Kinney

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What is the show about?

How do you make it through detention? In the worst high school in the city, six Black students are stuck in Room 111. They flirt. They fight. They tease. Should they follow the rules and stay put, or find an escape? Are the walls keeping them in, or are stronger forces at play?

Where An inner-city classroom
When Now

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Who: Meet the Characters

An adult voice of authority that makes periodic announcements that blast through the halls of the school throughout the day.
A resourceful student with a big personality who frequently finds herself in detention.
A student battling past trauma who is soft-spoken but wants to appear tough. A loyal friend.
A cocky, loud student who often instigates fights between his peers.
A peacemaker, pragmatic and thoughtful, who often tries to help her fellow students move past their differences.
A proud, morally-driven student who isn’t afraid to fight for what he believes in, no matter the cost.
A well-rounded student who strives for academic excellence; a newcomer to detention.

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