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Spotlight On Creative Team

Mansa Ra
Margot Bordelon
Set Design
Reid Thompson
Costume Design
Emilio Sosa
Lighting Design
Jiyoun Chang
Original Compositions & Sound Design
Palmer Hefferan

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What is the show about?

In this new work commissioned by Roundabout, three generations of men live under one roof and grapple with their own truths of what it means to be Black and gay. It’s an exploration of pride, pain, and patience through the unflinching eyes of fathers and sons.

WHERE A cavernous home in a wealthy neighborhood outside of Atlanta, GA
WHEN October 2021 to January 2022

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Who: Meet the Characters

MAXWELL KENNEDY 54 years old, Bartholomew’s son.
TONY KENNEDY 18 years old, Maxwell’s son.
ANTOINE 18 years old, Tony’s classmate.
CHLOE 35 years old, Bartholomew’s nurse.
CHARLES 45 years old, Maxwell’s husband.

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