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American Airlines Theatre

Company Manager Kathryn McCumber
House Manager Travis Navarra
Associate House Manager Zipporah Aguasvivas 
Box Office Manager Ted Osborne 
Assistant Box Office Manager Solangel Bido 
House Carpenter Glenn Merwede 
House Electrician Brian Maiuri 
House Sound Jeremy Oleska
House Properties Sam Patt
Wardrobe Supervisor Susan J. Fallon 
Security Julious Russell 
Additional Security Provided by Gotham Security 
Maintenance Jerry Hobbs, Harripesaud Jainarain, Servco Industries
Lobby Refreshments Sweet Hospitality Group

Studio 54

Company Manager Penny Daulton
Manager of Theatre Operations LaConya Robinson
Associate House Manager Andrew Mizer Helton
Head Treasurer Krystin MacRitchie 
Associate Treasurer Lindsay Ericson
Assistant Treasurers Joe Clark
House Carpenter Dan Hoffman
House Electrician  John Wooding 
House Properties Lawrence Jennino 
Security Gotham Security
Maintenance Emilio Jimenez, Servco Industries
Lobby Refreshments Sweet Hospitality Group

Stephen Sondheim Theatre

House Manager Molly McQuilkin
Assistant House Manager Nicole Ramirez
Head Treasurer Jaime Perlman
Associate Treasurer Andrew Clements
Assistant Treasurers Joe Clark, Carlos Garcia, Ronnie Tobia
House Carpenter Steve Beers
House Electrician Josh Weitzman
House Properties Andrew Forste
Engineers Richardo Deosarran
Security Gotham Security
Maintenance Juan Hernandez
Lobby Refreshments Sweet Hospitality Group

The Harold & Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre

Assistant House Manager James Dier
Box Office Manager Catherine Fitzpatrick
Assistant Box Office Manager Robert Morgan
Master Technician Kenny Brock
Assistant Master Technician Matthew Silvay
Wardrobe Supervisor Mary Margaret Powers
Security Gotham Security
Maintenance Adolfo Duran, Reliable Cleaning Inc.
Lobby Refreshments Sweet Hospitality Group