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Our Mission

Roundabout celebrates the power of theatre by spotlighting classics from the past, cultivating new works of the present and educating minds for the future.


We produce familiar and lesser-known plays and musicals with the ability to take artistic risk as only a not-for-profit can.

We discover talented playwrights and provide them long-term artistic support to contribute to the future of the theatrical canon.

We reduce the barriers—financial, physical and cultural—that can inhibit theatergoing.

We collaborate with a diverse team of artists to identify programming for consideration.

We build transformational education experiences that enhance teacher practice, deepen student learning, and ignite the futures of young people through career training and placement.

We capture and archive over five decades of production history as an open resource for artists, scholars, and our community.  

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Artistry. We give our artists the autonomy to create.
Connection. We believe shared live experiences preserve and improve our humanity.
Bravery. We make choices for art, not for profit.
Vision. We acknowledge our responsibilities at the forefront of the industry.
Education. We transform theaters into classrooms and classrooms into theaters.
Community. We invest in and engage with our city and beyond.
Inclusivity. We strive to make our institution relevant and accessible to all.


We acknowledge that our society has been built on systems that marginalize many groups. We pledge to address the ways in which Roundabout has been a part of this marginalization and how those inequities can be corrected. We pledge to be accountable for identifying the inequities in our organization and in our industry and are working to break down barriers to ensure that all individuals—with all of our differences—have an opportunity to be included and to feel welcome in our spaces and artistic practices. We pledge that the stories we tell on our stages will reflect a wide variety of backgrounds. It is our sincere belief that these ongoing commitments are imperative to increase not only the quality of work on our stages but also the strength of our institution.