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Todd Haimes 
started the Artists in Residence program to support early-career artists, giving them a theatre to call home and to provide peace of mind of a sustainable career.

Over the years, this program has evolved to include playwrights, mid-career directors and even an entire young company. And while these residencies have allowed Roundabout to help cultivate the next generations of theatre leaders, these artists have also become invaluable to the staff and our audiences, invigorating this institution with fresh voices. 

Artists in Residence Program Senior Resident Director

Kenny Leon

Artists in Residence Program Resident Directors

Miranda Haymon
Anne Kauffman
Rebecca Taichman

Artists in Residence Program Associate Resident Director

Cristina Angeles

These directors have a home base at Roundabout to develop their own work, take artistic risks, and play a role in planning the company's seasons.

Artists in Residence Program Company in Residence

Fiasco Theater

Fiasco Theater was invited to become Roundabout’s first Company in Residence following their work on Into the Woods (2015). We aim to encourage them to continue their exploration of classic musicals and plays by providing the time and space that a young company needs to do their best work.

This group of directors and playwrights comprises artists who have created some of Roundabout's best-known works and artists who will be creating the work of the future. They call Roundabout home and are able to develop the projects they are the most passionate about here.

Artists in Residence Program Roundabout Directing Fellow

Autumn Angelettie

This program was created in 2017 as a launchpad for the next generation of directors. It focuses on underrepresented talent, and is a balance of hands-on learning with the season’s directors and development of the Fellow’s own craft. 


Artists in Residence Program Leon Levy Foundation Roundabout Directors Group Cohort 5

Emily Abrams
Zahra Budhwani
Moses Garcia
Tramane Harris
Saki Kawamura
Aileen Wen McGroddy
Sanhawich Meateanuwat
Amani Meliyah
Isabel Perry
Lucky Stiff

Roundabout Directors Group (RDG) was created to offer resources and provide career assistance to the next generation of directors for the American Theatre by providing them with a foundation on which they can build lasting careers in the industry.

Support for Roundabout's Directing Programs is generously provided by The Tow Foundation.

Support for the Directors Group and all of Roundabout's Artists in Residence programming is generously provided by the Leon Levy Foundation.