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Each year, Roundabout invests over $4 million in Education programs, serving over 24,000 students, educators, community members, and patrons across New York City and beyond.


Through longstanding partnerships at schools throughout the five boroughs of NYC, Roundabout uses theatre to deepen student learning, enhance teacher practice, and provide after-school engagement for students. Our work supports students’ social emotional learning and a positive school climate. One hundred percent of Roundabout Youth Ensemble participants graduate high school.


Roundabout fosters the next generation of dynamic theatre professionals through Career and Workforce development programs. After completing training, one hundred percent of technical Fellows are in college or employed in the theatre industry.


Building on longstanding relationships with our schools and audiences, we seek to use theatre to deepen connections to our local communities and ensure that Roundabout is welcoming and inclusive to all.

Support Education

Your generous gift will support the efforts of our Education division and bring the magic of theatre arts to New York City schools and their communities.


If you would like more information about Roundabout's efforts in education, please read our latest Education Report.