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The process of developing a new work is made of three key steps: discovery, development, and production.


Roundabout Theatre Company is dedicated to providing a nurturing home for theatre artists at all stages of their careers, and we're proud to introduce new playwrights to the Roundabout family each year.

  • Our literary team reviews hundreds of new scripts and attends many readings, festivals and showcases each year to seek out the best new contemporary plays.
  • In addition, Roundabout commissions talented playwrights to create new work for the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre (the Laura Pels Theatre and the Black Box Theatre of Roundabout Underground). We also commission Underground playwrights to write a future play, making a real commitment to their long-term careers, beyond that first production.


New plays and musicals are given focused artistic development during a period of readings, workshops, and revisions that can last anywhere from a few months to several years.

  • The first reading of a new play represents an opportunity for the playwright to hear their words come to life with a team of actors. Readings also give the writer and Roundabout a chance to share the work with potential collaborators.
  • Outside workshops provide the playwright with additional opportunities to work in-depth with a team of actors and a director, allowing the artists to look at the play as a whole.
  • As play development continues, a core group of artists begins to collaborate, and the play may even be presented for you as a larger audience at our Friends of Roundabout Playreading series to be considered for future Roundabout seasons.


Once the creative team and cast are in place and the rehearsal process is completed, our new plays and musicals are ready to be premiered for you as our dedicated audience.

  • Produced in our intimate 62-seat Black Box Theatre, the Roundabout Underground initiative gives emerging playwrights the opportunity to debut their full productions with the significant artistic and financial resources of Roundabout. This program relies heavily on the support of donors like you since ticket prices are only $30.
  • A production off-Broadway in our Laura Pels Theatre is the culmination of the development process allowing the playwright to take the next step in his/her career, and present their work to Roundabout's audiences of over a million people annually.
  • Roundabout continues to produce new works in hopes of creating the theatrical canon of tomorrow. New works that receive their start at Roundabout continue to be produced across the country and internationally.

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