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Photo by Roundabout Theatre Company.

Remembering Stephen Sondheim

Remembering Stephen Sondheim


Remembering Stephen Sondheim

From Todd Haimes, Roundabout Theatre Company:

Something just broke. 

For so many of us, no figure loomed larger in the American musical theatre than Stephen Sondheim. His work spanned generations, collaborating with the greats of his own early years and inspiring the most innovative voices of today. I think it will be years before we can fully comprehend the expanse of his legacy.

It was an absolute privilege to know Steve, to see how his mind worked, and to witness the care he took with every detail of every one of his shows. Perhaps one of the qualities I most admired in him was how open he was to giving up-and-coming artists the freedom to reinterpret his work, knowing how important it was to support revivals. To observe him share insight into the development of Merrily We Roll Along or help an actor more deeply understand a song in Company - all of it was so special to watch. 

From performers to producers to fans, anyone who has loved musicals in the past 65 years has a story about a Sondheim show that has provoked, perplexed, amused, or thrilled them. In this sad time, I hope we can all tell those stories and remember how much this incredible man gave to our field.

From all of us at Roundabout, Steve, we were honored to do 8 shows together and to have the joy of putting your name permanently in lights on a Broadway marquee. You will be so terribly missed. You gave us so many words, so many notes, in so many combinations that would never have occurred to any mind but yours. These are just a few that are in my heart today.

Mapping out a sky,
What you feel like, planning a sky,
What you feel when voices that come
Through the window
Until they distance and die,
Until there's nothing but sky.