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One Voice

Writing Music & Lyrics Alone

February 15–March 8, 2021


One Voice

Writing Music & Lyrics Alone

February 15–March 8, 2021

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A Roundabout TheatreLab workshop by Daniel Zaitchik.

Musical theatre is a very collaborative art form, but some of us tackle writing both music and lyrics on our own. In this lab specifically for solo songwriters, we’ll celebrate the mysterious process of collaborating with ourselves.

Whether you’re a singer-songwriter who’s been itching to dip your toes into music-theatre or a composer who’s been shy (until now!) about writing your own lyrics, everyone is welcome.

Each week we’ll have a songwriting “assignment” which may result in a completed song, a rough draft, or even just a first verse and chorus. Sessions will be centered around presenting our work in a safe, supportive environment. Together we’ll hone our individual voices as we take a deep dive into songwriting as storytelling. 

All sessions to be conducted via Zoom. This course will have a maximum of 9 students.


You don’t need to have prior experience writing for theatre, but this workshop is best suited for those already somewhat comfortable expressing themselves through words and music (or those ready to take a brave leap!)

You certainly don’t have to be an expert singer or instrumentalist, but in order to share work you should feel comfortable either playing and singing (over Zoom) or have the ability to make a lo-fi recording of you and/or someone else performing your work. Nothing high tech or glossy required. Garageband or iPhone recordings will do the trick. 

Week 1

February 15, 7–9pm EST

Storytelling as a Solitary Songwriter

Week 2

February 22, 7–9:30pm EST

Write What You Know

Week 3

March 1, 7–9:30pm EST

Write What You Don't Know

Week 4

March 8, 7–9:30pm EST

Collaborating Alone

One Voice Instructor

Daniel Zaitchik