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Artwork for The Oxcart Artwork for The Oxcart

The Oxcart

Performed live on June 16, 2022

The Oxcart

Performed live on June 16, 2022

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"If everybody thinks like you, what's gonna become of the land?"

In 1950s Puerto Rico, matriarch Doña Gabriela and her children await the fateful oxcart that will take them from their mountain home to a new life in San Juan. Young Chaguito despairs to leave behind his favorite rooster and daughter Juanita dreads saying goodbye to those she loves, while eldest son Luis dreams of limitless horizons and the mechanized industries of the future.

From the pastoral countryside, to the La Perla neighborhood of San Juan, to the Spanish District of the Bronx, this sweeping story of migration poignantly dramatizes one family’s struggle to find their place and redefine their identity in an uncertain future. Originally written in Spanish by celebrated short story writer and playwright René Marqués and premiered in New York in 1953, The Oxcart later launched the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre (PRTT) in 1967 as a touring production in translation. Marqués’s epic work has long been a classic of the Puerto Rican stage.

The Oxcart Cast

Gian Perez
Sophia Ramos
Camila Canó-Flaviá
Jesús-Papoleto Meléndez
Hiram Delgado
Bianca Marroquín
Samir Zaim-Sassi
Maricelis Galanes
Karl Michael Iglesias
Mike Iveson
Rebecca Jimenez

The Oxcart Creative

René Marqués
Cristina Angeles
Charles Pilditch
Jorge B. Merced
Assistant Director
Emilia Lirman
Production Stage Manager
Morgan Holbrook
Assistant Stage Manager
Luisa Sánchez Colón
Assistant Stage Manager
Vanessa Rebeil

Theatre Talk: The Oxcart 

Learn more about the history of the production and its creators through a lively discussion with Director Cristina Angeles and Jorge Merced, Associate Artistic Director of Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater (PRTT).

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Additional funding provided by Eugene and Joann Bissell and the Lillian Lincoln Foundation, R. Martin Chavez and by Bank of America.

The Refocus Project is made possible by the Champions for Inclusive Theatre and Roundabout’s Forward Fund. We acknowledge the generous friends who support our many efforts to increase representation and inclusion in all aspects of theatre: Elizabeth Armstrong, Eugene and Joann Bissell and the Lillian Lincoln Foundation, Bank of America, R. Martin Chavez, Herbert W. Engert Jr. and Timothy Miller, EY, the Ford Foundation, Kenny Leon, Gina Maria Leonetti, Beryl Snyder, Denise Littlefield Sobel, and Charles Randolph-Wright.