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Dear friend,

I am thrilled to welcome 1776 back to our stage—Sherman Edwards and Peter Stone’s 1969 musical that reveals the very human nature of the founding of our country—with all its ideals, collaborations, compromises, and flaws. This production, co-directed by Jeffrey L. Page and Diane Paulus, powerfully reexamines this pivotal historical moment at a time of great upheaval for our nation.

In discussing the production, Diane writes that, “as artists, we are embracing our American history as a human predicament and are committed to the process of learning from the past in order to move forward together.” As we look toward our future, we can use theatre—and one of the great musicals in the canon—to place our shared foundational mythology in the hands of a talented group of artists who reflect multiple representations of race, gender, and ethnicity. In doing so, as Jeffrey says, “we can blur the lines between the occluded and the included. We can illuminate new dimensions of our national story.” I couldn’t agree more.

This is Roundabout’s second revival of this Tony-winning musical, after a 1997 production that ran on Broadway for over 300 performances. Today, we revisit this deftly written book, this blazingly smart and tuneful score, and this complex American story in a new light. I am also proud that this production marks the Broadway debuts of so many in its cast.

Thank you for joining us at 1776. As always, I ask you to share your thoughts on this production and our whole season by emailing me at


Todd Haimes
Artistic Director/ CEO