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We Declare is an opportunity to engage with the essential questions posed by 1776, created in collaboration with our artists and educators, with the hopes that we engage together in a dialogue around what matters to us in the United States of America. We hope you join us in exploring these questions with us. 

We Declare Essential Questions 

  1. How is my story a part of American history?
  2. In creating the Declaration of Independence, what mattered?
  3. How can we hold this history as a predicament versus an affirming myth?
  4. How does an honest reckoning with our past help us move forward together?
  5. How can we explore the Declaration of Independence as a dynamic document rather than a fixed ideology? 

If you wish to explore these questions further, please check out the We Declare project from American Repertory Theatre.

We Declare

Included on this website are videos and instructions for a variety of theater-making and performance techniques that can be used as tools to illuminate the Declaration of Independence, the nature of values and citizenship, and the production 1776. Many thanks to American Repertory Theatre and their Education team for generously sharing their work and collaborating with us on the extension of these resources.