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Dear friend,

Welcome to the world premiere of Harrison David Rivers’ the bandaged place in the Black Box Theatre at the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center. This production coincides with the 15th Anniversary of Roundabout Underground, our initiative to introduce the work of fresh theatrical voices and build tomorrow’s canon.

As we celebrate 15 years of emerging artists sharing risk-taking work with Roundabout audiences, I am so excited to present Harrison’s tender, transformative play. the bandaged place explores how we can learn to heal our relationships to our bodies, our safety, and our families, ending cycles of violence by opening up across generations about our experiences.

In the play, Harrison explores a full spectrum of human challenges with dexterity and grace, from intimate partner violence to the release of bodily trauma through dance. the bandaged place urges us to treat our wounds gently and to give ourselves a second chance; I am proud that this production marks the New York City debut of Harrison’s groundbreaking work.

I am also thrilled to welcome director David Mendizábal’s work to Roundabout audiences. In addition to being a director, David also works as a designer and as one of the Producing Artistic Leaders of The Movement Theatre Company, and has been a close friend and collaborator of Harrison’s since 2008. I am honored for Roundabout to be the newest home for their partnership.

Thank you for joining us at the bandaged place. As always, I ask you to share your thoughts on this production and our whole season by emailing me at


Todd Haimes
Artistic Director/ CEO