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  • If you could pick five people, living or dead, famous or not famous, to be in your theatre ensemble, who would you choose?
  • What kind of play will your theatre ensemble create? What is the theme of your play? Why did you choose this type of play and its theme?
  • To produce this play within your ensemble, what roles would each person serve? Some ideas of the roles you need to fill include the director, lead actor, producer, playwright, supporting actor, and stage manager. Why did you organize your theatre ensemble this way?

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  • Write the blurb or headline that would show up in the marketing material for your imaginary play. How can you catch an audience’s attention in just one or two sentences?
  • Free write your ideas for the beginning, middle, and end of your imaginary play.
  • What’s the twist or unexpected moment in your story?

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  • Cast your play with your classmates.
  • Create tableaus, frozen pictures communicating a story, for the beginning, middle and end of your play.
  • Explore how each character in the tableau moves. What's one unique physical trait you can add to each of the characters? How does that physical trait help tell the story?

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