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How does a playwright create dialogue that explores generational differences?


Read this excerpt of …what the end will be. Note that the characters are three generations in one family: a 74-year-old grandfather, a 54-year-old father, and an 18-year-old grandson. Who is the grandfather? The father? The grandson? How did you know? What differences do you notice revealed in the dialogue? What are the different perspectives expressed through the dialogue? 


In the excerpt you just read, the conversation is focused on the topic of “coming out” and how each generation sees that differently.  Brainstorm a list of other topics that other families might disagree about. (Examples: finances, education, romantic relationships, autonomy)


Write a conversation between a grandparent, parent, and grandchild about the topic. How can your dialogue reveal the different attitudes of each character toward the topic? What can you include that gives audiences a hint about their age or perspective? 


Why do you think playwrights like Mansa Ra are interested in exploring differences across the generations? 

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