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Describe a grandparent you know. What is important to them? How do they talk about the past? The future? What do they want for their grandchildren?


In families, it can be hard to claim the right to make decisions for your personal well-being and to choose what morals and values you want to live by. Was there a moment in your life when a parent or grandparent disapproved of an outfit you wanted to wear or a friend you wanted to hang out with? Has there been a moment when you disapproved of something a parent or grandparent said or did? How did you navigate the conflict?

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After the Show


Each of the three Kennedy men—Bartholomew, Maxwell, and Tony—have a different personal experience of queerness and Blackness. What differences have you noticed among the three? What similarities? What do you think has influenced each man’s experiences?


Why do you think Tony chose this moment to reveal his relationship to Antoine to his father? 


How has set designer Reid Thompson revealed Maxwell's social status and values through his design choices? 


How did playwright Mansa Ra use humor in …what the end will be? How did that affect you as an audience member?


Bart’s decision to pursue assisted death, a deeply difficult choice, is opposed by Maxwell but supported by Tony. What are each man’s reasons? How has this play influenced your opinion on assisted death for terminally ill people? 


Which character changes the most in the course of …what the end will be? What evidence do you have to support your choice? 

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