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Observe yourself going about a normal activity, for example: riding the subway, buying a coffee, brushing your teeth, etc. Narrate your actions to yourself in second person. Later, observe someone in the world and, to yourself, narrate their actions in second person. How did the two experiences differ? Did you find yourself making assumptions about their emotional state? What was it like to describe your own actions?

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In You Will Get Sick, Actor 1 has an unknown illness that is presented to the audience as a physical transformation where one turns to hay, among other symptoms. Think of a time you have felt unwell - describe how you felt without using traditional physical descriptions. Next, find a way to physicalize that description. If possible, share with a partner and share your reactions.

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Read “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. What did it make you think about? Were there any similarities to You Will Get Sick?

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