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Accessible restrooms are located on the lobby level (Level 1) and in the Penthouse Lobby (Level 5)


  • All levels in the theatre are accessible, elevators bring you to the front and rear mezzanine


  • Six transfer seats located in the orchestra (B 101 and 114, G 2 and 1, K101 and 116), and 2 in the mezzanine (F 101, 123)
  • Six wheelchair accessible seats located in the orchestra (P 101 thru 106), Five wheelchair accessible seats located in the mezzanine (F 224, 125, 126, 130, 131)

Hearing Devices

  • Number of Hearing Devices: Approximately 53
  • Brand of Hearing devices: Sound Associates Model #SA1523H
  • Headset Frequency: 2.3 MHz (MHz = Megahertz)
  • How do you clean your hearing devices and how frequently: the devices have a foam earpiece that is replaced every day. The used earpieces are washed /cleaned at least once a week (as we have a lot of these on hand when we need them).

Sign Interpreted Series

Please call Hands-On at 212.740.3087(voice)—TTY callers use relay 711—to get more information about how to enjoy this special series for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Learn more about The Sign Interpreted Series performances at this theatre.


On-demand captioning and audio description will be available two ways, via a device that the customer can check out at the theatre or the GalaPro app on their smart phone. This feature is available several weeks post opening. Please inquire with audience services about the availability dates for specific productions.