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Roundabout is pleased to offer GalaPro, a free app for on-demand captioning and audio description that you can use on your personal smartphone device. GalaPro makes theatre accessible for patrons who are hearing or sight impaired, or just don’t want to miss a word of the show.

When can I use it?

GalaPro is typically available at all Roundabout Broadway and off-Broadway shows several weeks after opening night. Please contact Audience Services at 212.719.1300 to confirm GalaPro availability at any given performance.

Currently, GalaPro is not available at Roundabout Underground shows.

How does it work?

  1. From your mobile device, download the GalaPro app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. A login page will appear. Select GET STARTED NOW or LOGIN if you already have an account.
  3. Once you’re in the theatre, prepare your phone for theatre mode. Turn your phone on “Airplane Mode” to access the network.
  4. Turn on your Wifi and connect to the GalaPro network for this show.
  5. Choose the show you are about to see and the service you would like—either audio description or live captioning.
  6. If you’re using audio description, don’t forget to plug in your headphones!
    When you’re ready, click START. The service will begin automatically with the show!

What if I don’t have a smartphone, or don’t want to use mine?

You can also use I-Caption, audio description and assistive listening devices available to borrow at the theatre. Please contact Audience Services at 212.719.1300 to confirm availability at any given performance.

Will this technology cause distractions in the theatre?

GalaPro and these other services been carefully designed and tested in live theatres to ensure minimal disruption to the theatrical experience. Using a dark screen and text, disruptions to other patrons are extremely minimal.