Hidden Truths

A Roundabout Youth Ensemble Production

August 14–28, 2020

Hidden Truths

A Roundabout Youth Ensemble Production

August 14–28, 2020

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This year, Roundabout Youth Ensemble is going virtual.

Roundabout Theatre Company's after school program, Roundabout Youth Ensemble (RYE) is a student-led theatre company modeled after Roundabout's professional theatre production process.

In Hidden Truths, Omari finds himself in a new world in the city, filled with new people and potential that was unavailable in his old school. Though outcasted, it all becomes worth it when he meets Destiny, the daughter of the principal. Rumors of his hidden ability only further distance him from the rest of the school. 

Inspired by Othello, the play is a contemporary reimagining of Shakespeare’s work, Omari will have to prove his genuine love for Destiny to her father, and outwit the sociopathic student council president. How can a small group of teens prevail?

Hidden Truths Cast

Shai Graham
Lia  Spahn
Yana  Khandaker
Sierra Smith-Vasquez
Kevin Torello
Elijah Turner
Brandon Suarez
Board Member 1
J. Tartaglia
Board Member 2
Danielle  Travino
Board Member 3
Carol  Sabbagh

Hidden Truths Creative

Tyia  Boateng
Managing Director
Jemely Robles
Stage Manager
Amanda Reynoso
Xavier Chavez, Jaden Tench,  Nicaulis Mercedes

Hidden Truths Tech Teams

Set Leader
Rohandry  Hernandez
Set Team
Maia Wellington, Zulgey  Cruz, Sacora Iniguez, Emily Mustillo
Costumer Leader
Maya Acevedo
Costume Team
Lauren Wood, Aila Reyes, Alyssa Bowman, Frances  Lavezzari, Jademarie  Gerena
Sound Leader
Erin Harkins
Sound Team
Esmeralda  Cuautle, Isaac Wolff, Hope Pirovolikos, Lisbeth Sierra
Lights Leader
Emely Batista
Lights Team
Rosalind Hernandez, Christopher Etienne, Cathleen Conte-Marerro, Julia  Dobrovsky

Hidden Truths Teaching Artist Mentors

Playwriting Mentor
Amy Witting
Directing/Acting Mentor
Vickie Tanner
Management Mentor
Theresa Flanagan
Marketing Mentor
Leah Reddy
Sound Mentor
Nick Moore
Lighting Mentor
Joe Doran
Costume Mentor
Deanna Frieman
Set Mentor
Jennifer Varbalow

Hidden Truths Producer

Kimberly Aragon