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Rewards by Roundabout FAQ


Rewards by Roundabout FAQ


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Joining Rewards by Roundabout

Who can join Rewards by Roundabout?

Anyone purchasing tickets to a qualifying Roundabout production is welcome to join the program, whether you’re a subscriber or a single ticket buyer.

Does membership in Rewards by Roundabout cost anything?

Rewards by Roundabout is absolutely free: no enrollment costs, no ongoing fees and no service fees. In fact, there are no obligations whatsoever.

How do I sign up?

If you are a subscriber, you are automatically enrolled in Rewards by Roundabout.

If you are a single ticket buyer, you can opt in at any time. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to activate your membership account.

How can I find out if I’m already signed up?

To find out if you are already a Rewards by Roundabout member, log in to your account on or give our Audience Services team a call at 212.719.1300.

I’m having trouble logging into my Rewards by Roundabout account. What should I do?

Please give our Audience Services team a call at 212.719.1300.

I just joined Rewards by Roundabout. Will tickets I purchased previously qualify for reward points?

You can join Rewards by Roundabout for up to three days after attending a performance, and any tickets you purchased for that show will qualify for Rewards.

Why have I not received a sign-up confirmation for Rewards by Roundabout?

First, check your spam filter. Second, log into your account to ensure that it shows your enrollment. Questions? Give us a call at 212.719.1300.

How do I update my Rewards by Roundabout account information?

Easy. Just log into your account or give our Audience Services team a call at 212.719.1300.

How to Earn Points

Are there any tickets that don’t earn points?

You can’t earn points when you buy tickets through a non-Roundabout channel. Qualifying tickets can be purchased only through a box office at a Roundabout venue (Studio 54, American Airlines Theatre, Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre only—not the Stephen Sondheim Theatre), by calling Roundabout Audience Services at 212.719.1300, or through the official Roundabout website.

I purchased subscriber add-on tickets. Did I earn points?

You did indeed! Any subscriber add-on tickets purchased for Roundabout shows have been credited to your Rewards by Roundabout account.

I bought tickets, but don’t see points reflected in my account. Am I still eligible?

Yes! Points are not awarded at the time of purchase, but on the date of the performance. If you do not see your points reflected in your account the day after you attend the performance, please contact Audience Services at 212.719.1300 and we will make sure you got your points.

If I purchase tickets for someone else, do I still earn points?

Absolutely, as long as you make the ticket purchase through your Rewards by Roundabout account.

What if I am unable to attend a show, and I don’t exchange the ticket in time?

If for some reason you miss the show, or if you give the ticket away, you’ll still earn points. If you can’t attend, you can also donate your ticket back to Roundabout, and still retain your points.

How do I track my progress toward my free ticket?

Simply log into your account, or email or call our Audience Services team at or 212.719.1300. We’re open seven days a week—and we’re happy to help!

Do my points expire?

Points expire 30 months from the date of the last qualifying performance you attended. For example, if you purchase a ticket for a performance on October 1, 2021, your points (all of the points in your account) will not expire until April 1, 2023, a full 30 months after the performance date. If you buy more tickets in the meantime, the expiration date will continue to push forward 30 months from each performance you see.

Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?

As of 9/1/23, Roundabout has an accrual limit of 10,000 Rewards points.

How to Redeem Free Tickets

I want to spend my points. Which shows can I see for free?

You can redeem your points for free tickets to any Roundabout production in our Broadway, off-Broadway or Underground venues. Check our schedule for all current and upcoming shows.

How soon can I use my free ticket?

You can redeem your points for a free ticket anytime after you have a sufficient number of points in your account. Points appear in your account after the performance date of your purchase.

Broadway show 3,500 points
Off-Broadway show 2,000 points
Underground show 1,000 points

How will I know when I qualify for a free ticket?

You’ll receive an email from us sharing the good news! You can also log into your account at any time to see your points balance.

Once I qualify for a free ticket, how do I redeem it?

First, log into your account at Then pick a qualifying show and performance date/time, and select your seat(s). In the payment section, you’ll be given the option to redeem your points for a free ticket.

Will I get good seats with my free ticket?

We’ll make sure you get the best available seats.

Can I redeem one free ticket, and purchase an additional regular ticket as well?

Absolutely! You can even select an adjacent seat.

Can my free ticket be used for ADA/Accessible (wheelchair or companion) seats?

Of course!

I didn’t notice that I had earned a free ticket, so I went ahead and purchased regular tickets to a show. Can I get a refund or apply my points retroactively?

Yes. Please contact our Audience Services team at 212.719.1300 for assistance.

Are there blackout dates?

Some blackout dates may apply. Contact Audience Services at 212.719.1300 for any concerns in securing your tickets.

Can I combine my points with someone else’s?

Unfortunately, no: Earning points is an individual endeavor.

My friend bought my tickets to a show. Can that ticket apply to my points instead of theirs?

Sorry, no. Points are non-transferable, regardless of whether or not your friend is a Rewards by Roundabout member. However, free tickets ARE transferable, so you can always give your free ticket to a friend once you’ve earned enough points.

Can I gift or transfer my free ticket to someone else?

Yes! While points are non-transferable, you can give your free ticket to whomever you please.

What if I need to exchange my free ticket for a different performance?

If you are a Roundabout subscriber, you enjoy free, no-hassle ticket exchanges. Otherwise, you may exchange your free Rewards ticket up until the day of the performance for a $15 exchange
fee. All exchanges are subject to availability.

Can I donate my free ticket for a tax-deduction or cash?

Free tickets have no cash value, and therefore may not be donated for a tax deduction or exchanged for cash.

Where I can share my suggestions for making Rewards by Roundabout better?

We welcome your feedback! Write to us at