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Cha See: Lighting Design

"Exception to the Rule makes me wonder what happens in your life when the space you work or live in is not engineered for you. Where is comfort? And is comfort necessary to function? This play is about that divide. It is about the clashing of characters in one space, about that tension and the suffering and the healing behind it. In one of the play’s descriptions, Dave Harris [the playwright] gives clues as to who his characters are: a “Porch Kid” is shielded from the danger of the outside, and the “Street Kids” are those immersed in the world they are a part of. He places them in one room. It’s like the structure in our society -- we all have different backgrounds and life experiences. Investigating this part of the story excites me.

One of the challenges I am looking forward to confronting is grounding the characters in realism, while at the same time heightening the audience’s experience of the difference between the interior of the classroom and the world beyond: the windows, the door, and the voice of the intercom. It is exciting to tell the story of these different elements that we naturally recognize in a classroom. How do we break the rules we have for them? And why? And when?

What does it mean to wait for long hours? In the middle of darkness, who, where, and what do we find comfort in?"

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