2011-12 Season

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November 27, 2011

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Man and Boy

At the height of the Great Depression, ruthless financier Gregor Antonescu's business is dangerously close to crumbling. In order to escape the wolves at his door, Gregor tracks down his estranged son Basil in the hopes of using his Greenwich Village apartment as a base to make a company-saving deal. Can this reunion help them reconcile? Or will this corrupt father use his only son as a pawn in one last power play? Don't miss this gripping story about family, success and what we're willing to sacrifice for both.
Pictured at top: Frank Langella

Three-time Tony Award® winner Frank Langella returns to Broadway in Roundabout Theatre Company's exciting new production of Terence Rattigan's Man and Boy, directed by Maria Aitken (The 39 Steps).

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American Airlines Theatre

227 West 42nd Street, New York, NY, 10036  |  Ticket Services: 212.719.1300  |  View Seating Chart

Who's Who

Frank Langella
Gregor Antonescu
Adam Driver
Basil Anthony
Francesca Faridany
Countess Antonescu
Zach Grenier
Mark Herries
Brian Hutchison
David Beeston
Virginia Kull
Carol Penn
Michael Siberry
Sven Johnson
Maria Aitken
Terence Rattigan




The Art of Wreaking Havoc with Other People’s Money
“When Frank Langella plays good, he’s fine; but when he’s bad, he’s a wonder." —Ben Brantley, New York Times

Time Out New York
“Langella glides frictionlessly through his scenes, coolly muscling his way to center stage." —David Cote

“Frank Langella was born to play fabulous monsters like Richard Nixon, Count Dracula, and now, Gregor Antonescu.” —Marilyn Stasio

Behind the Scenes

A Conversation with Frank Langella
Ted Sod, Roundabout’s Education dramaturg, sat down with actor Frank Langella to discuss Man and Boy and his character, Gregor Antonescu.

The Monster Specialist
Frank Langella talks to New York Magazine about Man and Boy.

About the Playwright: Terence Rattigan

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