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Can I participate in a Fellowship for just one semester?
No. Fellowships run from September through August and span a full twelve months.

Can I participate in a Fellowship part-time?
No. These fellowships require full-time availability. A typical workday of a Fellow is 10am–6pm, with some nights and weekends required. Fellows are expected to be able to participate in the full 40-hour work week.

Can I apply to multiple departments?
Yes. The application form will ask applicants to select three departments in their order of preference. Available Fellowships are subject to change every year. Positions will be offered in the following departments:

Fellowship Positions
  • Artistic
    Finance/Human Resources

Does Roundabout offer internships or apprenticeships in Acting/Directing/Casting/Stage Management?
No, but we do offer a Directing FellowshipThe departments with administrative Fellowships are listed above.

Does Roundabout offer Fellowships in technical theatre or backstage work?
We have a TWDP Tech Fellowship Program that focuses on technical theatre training and is available to those who are current NYC residents, 18–24 years of age, with a high school diploma or equivalent.

Can I apply if I do not have a major in theatre?
Yes! You may have administrative or other experience in various fields and we welcome applicants with an array of interests and skills. For example, a Business major may be a great fit for our Finance department; theatres need accountants, too! We encourage applicants to construct a clear link in their application between their skills from past professional experience and their fit for a Fellowship position.

Can I apply if I do not have a college degree?
Yes! You may have administrative or other experience in various fields and we welcome applicants with an array of interests and skills. For example, an applicant with retail experience may be a good fit for our Development Fellowship apprenticeship; this department is the frontline of interacting with our donors and great customer service is a coveted skill! We encourage applicants to construct a clear link in their cover letter between their skills from past professional experience and their fit for a Fellowship position.

Do you have any recommendations for applicants?
Yes. Please take note of the following:

When applying for Roundabout’s Career Development program, it is recommended that applicants clearly demonstrate a connection between their previous experience and positions of interest. Tailor your resume and application so that it aligns with the job description and listed qualifications. Your experience should demonstrate your potential to work in a fast-paced, administration-heavy position.

Note that your application materials also act as writing samples, which we will use to evaluate your written communication skills. Applicants using ChatGPT and other AI writing tools will be considered weak candidates for Fellowships requiring writing skills.

Be sure to follow directions indicated on the application form and our website. Successful candidates take care to ensure that application materials are free of errors. While small mistakes won’t necessarily keep an applicant from getting an invitation to interview, it tells an employer about attention to detail and can be one of many deciding factors in which applications are screened out.

Please note that we typically receive hundreds of applications for a limited amount of positions. While there are always more applications for each department than interview spots, a high number of our applicants apply for positions in our Artistic, Development, or Marketing departments, making the percentage of applications that move forward in those departments very small. Be sure to read through each department’s job description as you may be a great fit for a department you had not previously considered. Make strategic decisions; do not discount other departments.

Does Roundabout provide housing for Fellows?
Though we offer a paid training program, we do not provide housing. However, we do offer a Cost of Living stipend ($300/month) to each Fellow.

Does Roundabout offer benefits for Fellows?
Yes Roundabout’s optional benefits package for Fellows includes medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Are non-U.S. citizens eligible to apply?
Yes. If an applicant is hired for a Fellowship, they must provide Employment Eligibility Verification as detailed on Form I-9, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in order to receive payment. If an applicant cannot provide appropriate documentation, we will be unable to offer payment or a position.

What is the timeline for applications, interviews, and hiring?
After reviewing applications, Roundabout will begin sending out interview invitations. We will be in touch with those applicants moving into the interview round. Please do not email or call to inquire about the status of your application.

Fellowships will begin in September and conclude in May.

What educational opportunities are available during a Fellowship?
In addition to hands-on learning experiences in Roundabout’s administrative departments, Education at Roundabout coordinates the following opportunities for Fellows:


Fellows attend weekly seminars with senior staff members, career development alumni, and emerging leaders in arts administration. These seminars are an opportunity to learn more about administrators’ career paths and their current work at Roundabout and beyond.

NYC Partnerships

We have several exchange programs with other NYC arts organizations’ fellowships. These are an opportunity for Fellows to meet other administrators in their field, and to make peer connections for their future involvement in the NYC arts scene and beyond. It is also an opportunity for participants to see one another’s work through Roundabout coordinated ticket exchanges.

In addition to the above experiences, Fellows participate in the following activities:


Education staff and Teaching Artists lead workshops on professional skills such as financial management, resume- and cover letter-writing, and interview practice.


Fellows are partnered with mentors in departments outside of their own. This gives Fellows an opportunity to learn more about Roundabout from a different perspective. The mentorships are also a chance for apprentices to learn skills of informational interviews.


In a recent survey of Career Development alumni, we found the following data regarding the most valuable skills learned at Roundabout:

  • mentioned practical job skills as the most valuable skill that helped them take the next step in their careers.
  • mentioned professional skills working in an office.
  • mentioned knowledge about the theatre industry in New York City and nonprofit organizations.
mentorship skills
  • mentioned mentorship skills.