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Photo by Roundabout.

Creating Relaxed Performances

The difference is during a Relaxed Performance, anyone, especially people with special needs, can come to see the show.

Creating Relaxed Performances

Relaxed performances at Roundabout are inclusive theatrical experiences designed to welcome individuals with neurodiverse needs and those attending with them.

For this program, Roundabout enlists additional experts in the field to help make every relaxed performance as accessible as possible.

Becca Yure, a professional behavioral analyst, observes preview performances to make recommendations for technical adjustments and helps Roundabout’s team develop preparatory materials, including the social narrative.

Mark Pellarin, Roundabout’s self-advocate intern in 2018-19, attends relaxed performance planning meetings and assists with preparing materials and support items.

Read more below about the team who work with Roundabout’s staff to help make Relaxed at Roundabout happen:

Tell us about your work on Roundabout’s Relaxed Performance program.

BECCA: I consult with Roundabout to support their Relaxed Performances. I see the show in advance and make recommendations as to how the show may need to be modified in small ways so that different individuals may be able to enjoy the performance. I help develop preparatory materials and train the actors, house staff, and volunteers, and support patrons at the relaxed performance.

MARK: Working at Roundabout’s Relaxed Performance program gave me an experience beyond that of an Access Ambassador. I got to work in an office setting in addition to working in a theater setting.

What makes a Relaxed Performance different from a standard performance?

BECCA: A Relaxed Performance is the same show as any other performance.  Sometimes there are minor technical changes, such keeping the house lights up a bit and making sure the sound levels are reduced if needed.

Other differences include the preparatory materials provided to patrons. Everyone is welcome, from individuals with an ASD diagnosis, to individuals with anxiety, to anyone who would like to be part of a more accessible experience.

MARK: The difference is during a Relaxed Performance anyone, especially persons with special needs, can come to see the show.

What should audiences know before they come to a Relaxed Performance at Roundabout?

BECCA: It is the same production but with more support if needed. We look forward to having you in the audience!

MARK: Audiences should know that everyone is welcomed to watch a Relaxed Performance. 

Tell us about yourself – your background, education, interests.

BECCA: I am an accessibility consultant for Roundabout as well as other cultural institutions. I provide behavioral support services to children and adults with diverse needs, parent and teacher training, and lead social skills groups.  I am a singer/songwriter and AEA performer as well. Working as an accessibility consultant for theatre companies brings together my love of theatre and working with individuals with diverse needs. 

MARK: I have a twin brother name Joseph. I am currently attending a Queens College Inclusion program. During my free time I like to play video games, and I’m inspired to draw.

BECCA YURÉ (Accessibility Consultant) is a Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She is the clinical director of By Your Side Services Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst Practice PLLC, offering behavioral support services to children and adults with special needs as well as their families. She provides individualized and group support, consultations, supervision, parent and teacher training, and leads social skills groups. Becca is an adjunct professor at The Chicago School for Professional Psychology. Becca is also a singer/songwriter and proud AEA performer. Becca consults with Roundabout Theatre to support their Relaxed Performances, Theatre Development Fund’s Autism Friendly Performances as their Lead Autism Specialist, as well as other cultural institutions to provide accessible experiences to individuals and families. It is her joy to share her love of theatre with diverse audiences.

MARK PELLARIN (Self Advocate Intern) is Roundabout Theatre Company’s first Self Advocate Intern for Relaxed Performances. He is currently attending Queens College as a part of their Inclusion Program. Mark is also an Access Ambassador at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts where he assists guests to provide a wonderful arts experience. He has previously worked at the Latimer House and the Rosenthal Library.

Tickets are still available for the last two Relaxed Performances of the season!


Relaxed performances are an inclusive theatrical experience designed to welcome individuals with special needs and those attending with them. 

These performances are less formal and more supportive of sensory, communication, movement and learning needs; they are intended to present the full artistic vision of the production with minor modifications and supports, including: capped sound levels with house lights set at a low level; materials provided in advance to help attendees prepare for the experience, including detailed directions to the theater as well as plot and character descriptions; and a break area for anyone who would like to step out during the performance.

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